Friday, September 23, 2011

Head's up: Watch out for falling satellites,0,1661464.story

Wait a minute ... so satellites are falling on us now? How is this not a bigger story? I like how NASA says the bus-sized satellite will land "most likely harmlessly." Makes me feel safe.

I thought the only thing I needed to worry about was earthquakes and hurricanes. Add falling satellites to my list of anxieties now. Thanks NASA.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is why I love John Day

This is (hopefully) the first in a series called "I'm Not Impressed," as I have a conversation with my dad, John Day, and relay his opinions about certain topics.

Today, obviously, John Day tackles Syracuse's inevitable move to the ACC. Below are my favorite quotes from our conversation:

"We’re not a football school. (Daryl Gross) thinks we can be Texas or Oklahoma. It ain’t gonna happen. Wake up."

"He’s gonna make a lot of enemies. I can’t believe some of the big alumni, some of the big donors are gonna be happy with this."

"I don’t give a shit what, we’re always going to be second fiddle to Duke and North Carolina."

"You think anybody’s gonna give a shit when Clemson comes to the Dome. You think Florida State is gonna sell out when SU goes down there?"

"(Syracuse) is cutting jobs and now they’ve got to pay a big penalty for leaving (the Big East). There better be a lot more money in this than we know."

"Ask Boston College how the ACC is. How did the move go for them? What the hell have they won lately?"

Syracuse-to-ACC is about one thing -- Dolla dolla bills y'all

I was all ready to get back in the blog game this weekend with an epic editorial on why Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” was the most groundbreaking and game-changing music video of my lifetime.
But Syracuse-ACC talk put that on hold. (Don’t worry Britney fans, it’s half written and will be posted soon)
According to multiple sources, Syracuse and Pittsburgh have filed paperwork to join the Atlantic Coast Conference.
First off, when you’re talking about SU, this is one man’s decision -- athletic director Daryl Gross. Jim Boeheim was not consulted on this decision. Nor was Doug Marrone.
This is a flat out money grab by Gross, who has been a central New Yorker for a minute and a half.
And this move is 100 percent about money because college football drives the bus. The Big East has been the most dominant conference in college basketball for the past decade, but when it comes to revenue, hoops can’t compete with the pigskin.
It’s not about what’s best for SU, which is what Gross will try to sell us on in the coming weeks. It’s about cash. And being from L.A., I guess we should have expected this from the Doctor.
This move, if it goes down, is a spit in the face of the Big East. Syracuse is a FOUNDING MEMBER of the conference. There’s a hell of lot of history there.
So when the Orange head to the ACC (I just threw up in my mouth a little) you can kiss goodbye any rivalry with Georgetown or UConn. You can forget about playing in the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden. And adios Big Mondays -- the ACC plays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Yippee! (No more McDonough, Bilas and Raftery. I’m bitter)
First you hire Greg Robinson, now you take SU to the ACC? Really, Doc Gross? I’m convinced, now more than ever, that Gross was hired by someone at Georgetown to infiltrate Syracuse and take down the institution from the inside. He’s off to a pretty good start.
OK, so maybe Syracuse is jumping the gun and joining up with a mega-conference before it’s left on the outside looking in. (Because seriously, the road we’re headed down, there’s only going to be like 4 conferences left in about 5 years)
But my question is, why the ACC? Sure, the Big East is atrocious at football. But the ACC is no better than the fifth best football conference right now, behind the SEC, Pac-10, Big 12 and Big Ten.
Is the ACC really that much better than the Big East?
Virginia Tech is pretty good, but they choke every season. And Florida State is ranked highly this year, but the ’Noles haven’t been relevant for a decade.
And if the ACC is looking to add strength, why bring in Pitt and Syracuse? It’s not like adding Oklahoma and Texas. These teams were rich in football history at one point, but not lately.
This whole thing makes me sick. And I hope it does the same to the SU alumni.
Syracuse IS the Big East. You take away its conference, you take away its identity.
And remember six years ago when we all scoffed at Boston College, Miami and Va. Tech. We all called them “cowards” for leaving the Big East for the ACC.
Well, nobody likes a hypocrite.
So the venom that comes our way in the next year, it’s all deserved. If Syracuse bolts for the ACC, a conference, in my opinion, with about a tenth of the history of the Big East, then WE ARE cowards.
Gross is too ambitious. Just let things play out -- stop panicking.
Because things are pretty damn good at the moment. The Syracuse football team won its first bowl game in 10 years and is slowly coming back to prominence. And the hoops team is most definitely going to be a top-10 team and a possible national title contender.
Things are good up on the hill.
Why change it up now?
So after Syracuse’s game at USC tonight, let’s hope the Orange leave southern California with a win and without their AD. Stay out on the West Coast, Doc Gross. They love drama out there.
Out here, we love the Big East.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another future Syracuse (and regrettably, Giants) fan is born

Congratulations to Eli and Kristin Wolford, who welcomed a 7-pound, 1-ounce son into their lives Sept. 2,  Owen Robert Wolford (I would have named him after Steve Perry or Jack Bauer, but whatever). And remember, it's never too early to brainwash him into being a Yankee and Syracuse fan. Can't wait to see him. I bet Jack's excited to be a big brother!